There is a common feature between a tornado, a breaking wave, a laser, an atomic blast, and very many other spectacular and exciting phenomena: they are all non linear waves...
 Welcome to the Web page of the group "Non Linear Waves", at the Physics Department of the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB). We have different expertises that reflect our diversity of background and formation, but we all share a common interest for nonlinear dynamical systems and media, where Non Linear Waves develop and propagate. On the right, an spectacular example of non linear wave (see legend below for details).
Non Linear Waves are ubiquitous in science, as they govern real water waves, the interaction of light with matter, optical fiber transmission, traffic flow, earthquakes, galaxy formation, and many other phenomena.
We of course cover only a small fraction of these aspects, but we really strive for contributing to the development of such an exciting research field with a truly interdisciplinary spirit.
Here you will find an account on the group’s members and activities, links to other related Websites and some resources developed during our teaching and research activities. You can download freely these resources which we hope can be interesting and useful for you! You will also find posted any job offer or grant that we might have.
Movie Legend: Laser induced break-up of a liquid surface accompanied by the nucleation of a vapor bubble cloud and the fragmentation of the free surface through emission of a jet.
The group "Non Linear Waves" is supported by the Direcció General de Recerca, Desenvolupament Tecnològic i Innovació de la Conselleria d’Innovació, Interior i Justícia del Govern de les Illes Balears co-funded by the European Union FEDER funds.
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